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COVID-19 testing has become regular in the lives of many, especially those who often travel for work or work with the public. These include teachers, doctors, nurses, government employees, retail personnel, waitstaff, and more. COVID-19 hasn't shown any signs of slowing down, and neither have our lives. For this reason, Dr. Michael Lovelace is proud to provide fast and accurate COVID-19 testing for patients in Louisville, KY, and those traveling from abroad. To receive an accurate COVID-19 test in as little as 30 minutes, schedule an appointment online or speak to a member of our team.


As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, more testing options have become available. The two main types of COVID-19 tests are molecular tests and antibody tests. While the molecular test (also called a polymerase chain reaction test) looks for an active presence of the virus, the antibody test looks for antibodies that have been created by the immune system to fight off illness. Most people are familiar with the nose and throat swabs that are done in doctor's offices, but there are also now at-home testing kits that have been approved. However, one of the downsides to these tests is that it can take days to get a result. At 502 Urgent Care, Dr. Lovelace utilizes top-of-the-line technology — the ID NOW™ — to get an accurate COVID-19 test result in just 30 minutes.

The doctor was kind and courteous! You get the results in 30 minutes or less. I would recommend going here if you plan on traveling for faster Covid-19 testing results.

M.C. Facebook

We have had a significant postponements of travel in the last two years due to COVID. Now that the world is opening up to travel each country has it’s specific requirements for COVID regarding the type of test and specific times prior to departure and/or prior to country entry. Dr. Lovelace and the 502 Urgent Care Clinic have given us the flexibility to adjust to the ever changing rules. A great resource that is filling a need in the Louisville community.

S.J. Google

Great place to get Covid PCR test for travel. Last place I used stopped doing quick tests and freaked me out because flights were scheduled. Was able to go, get test, wait 30 minutes, and head to the airport!!!!!!! Saved the day. Thanks so much!

J.K. Google


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Benefits of ID NOW™ COVID-19 Testing

There are many benefits to receiving a COVID-19 test with the ID NOW™. Once a sample is retrieved, it is placed inside the device. The ID NOW is able to read the sample at a molecular level to determine if COVID-19 is present within the patient's RNA. Some of the advantages of COVID-19 testing with this technology include:

  • Accurate readings
  • Short turnarounds (just a 30-minute wait for results)
  • Can be used on patients of all ages, even those under 2 years old
  • Convenience
  • Great for last-minute testing needs, such as travel


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and changed the way most of us live our everyday lives. In these unprecedented times, staying safe is a huge priority. If you need a COVID-19 test and don't want to or can't wait longer than a day to receive your results, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lovelace at 502 Urgent Care. We will provide you with an accurate COVID-19 test result as well as a travel certificate.

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